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2018-19 Wildfire Class


William Budding, Recruitment Coordinator
Harvard Medical School (formerly of  the School of Dental Medicine)
I have found success and growth through my devotion to diversity goals, along with my passion for advancing the goals of higher education. My passion lies in advancing the opportunities available to everyone in higher education, which is why I am so excited to be settling into and growing in this field.

Deborah Lee, Senior HRIS Analyst
The Catholic University of America
I believe my forte is working with others and maintaining professional and productive relationships. I am passionate about human resources, and I want to make an impact in HR on a larger scale. I hope to be the catalyst at The Catholic University to implement strategic changes and transform the way HR operates. As Melbourne author and blogger Beau Taplin states, “Whoever said the small things don't matter has never seen a match start a wildfire."

Mollie Blanchard, Talent Management Specialist
Cochise College

My greatest strength is my people skills. I enjoy working with others and creating a bond of trust so they have someone to comfortably talk to in human resources, which tends to be scary for a lot of people. My goal on my professional journey is to become a strong resource and leader for our institution and provide guidance, support and goals to aid in the success of our college community.

Ashley Dugger, Program Chair – Human Resource Management
Western Governors University (formerly of Sweet Briar College)
At Sweet Briar College, the campus, in addition to our HR team, has undergone resurgence — both literal and figurative — in the past few years. This is my professional “home” so to speak. I love that the field of higher education HR is thriving, and that we are increasingly seeing HR professionals invited to provide their input on areas and issues that they may not have previously been involved with.

Rachel Williams, Executive Director of Talent Development
Ivy Tech Community College
I am continuously striving to grow and develop within my own personal life and profession. I do a lot of self‐reflection and seek for feedback from my close colleagues that will benefit my overall growth as a leader within the college. As a department of talent development, we like to say that we “practice what we preach,” meaning that just as we encourage others to focus on their growth and development as leaders, we do the same.

Tyler Mayo, Employee Relations Coordinator
Palm Beach Atlantic University
In my current position I wear many hats. I want to invest in myself so that I can invest in others. Throughout my time as a member in CUPA‐HR I have enjoyed being able to learn more so that I could better assist others and serve. I genuinely care about the well‐being and development of our employees at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and believe that the Wildfire program will equip me a thousand times over to assist me in doing so.

Abby King, Accommodation Specialist
University of Kansas
Influencing policy and making positive change are really important to me, and I want to be a decision‐maker and senior leader in my field. I’m not content with simply doing the same tasks I have always done. I have a desire to move forward in my career. I strongly believe that being part of the Wildfire program will benefit my career and enhance my ability to make positive change at the University of Kansas.

Maria Wingenbach, Benefits Specialist – Human Resources and Payroll
North Dakota State University (formerly of Concordia College)
I have found higher ed provides me with the opportunity to work in both a field I love and an incredibly unique setting that fits my strengths. My current position focuses on benefits and compensation, and I enjoy building relationships and assisting people through their benefits and FMLA events. I truly believe that anyone can be a leader, but to be a great leader you need to surround yourself with other great leaders from whom you can learn.

Latasha R. Gause, Employment Coordinator, Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity
(formerly of Coastal Carolina University)
I truly love working in higher education, especially at Coastal Carolina University because my role combines my love for people and human resources while allowing me to work in an educational-focused environment. Job satisfaction is more than a paycheck, it’s knowing that the work I am doing provides opportunities for others to grow and make an impact in the world.

Christopher Dominiak, Manager, Benefits Systems & Administration
The University of Arizona
I really enjoy working for a university and plan to continue working in higher ed for many years to come. When I set out to do something, I put in 100 percent. This is evident in my educational background, work history and professional affiliations. In addition to obtaining my bachelor's degree and PHR/SHRM‐CP certifications, I obtained my master's degree while working full time. It took me three and a half years, but I did it!

Tammi Stuebe, Assistant Director of Human Resources
Williams College (formerly of Mercer County Community College)
I am absolutely passionate (and maybe borderline fanatical) about great HR. My LinkedIn tagline is “HR for Human Beings,” and I believe strongly in demystifying the HR profession, making it accessible and useful for employees and companies, and executing with a “servant leadership” philosophy; this means viewing employees and the business as customers, and putting the customers first.