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CUPA-HR membership puts an incredible wealth of information and expertise at your fingertips. Take a few minutes to explore key resources now so you can grab what you need when you need it. To help you get started, we've prepared a few key resources you won't want to miss.

Where should I start?

Great question! Try starting with the HR Toolkits in CUPA-HR's Knowledge Center.Think about the work you’re involved with on campus and find a related toolkit to dive into the topic. Each toolkit includes tools to help you with the work, and most contain links to other CUPA-HR resources in which you may be interested. This is a members-only resource, so you'll need your login credentials. While you're there, check out the other useful resources housed in the Knowledge Center.

What’s the best way to connect with other CUPA-HR members?

While there are several ways to connect with other members, the private online community CUPA-HR Connect is a good place to begin. Start by joining the General Discussion group, then expand to other groups of interest. We encourage you to ask questions when you need help and to share your experiences to help others. We occasionally host special events in the General Discussion group, so be sure to subscribe to receive a daily digest via email.

Where can I find support for making data-driven workforce decisions?

If you need data to guide your compensation, benefits and workforce decisions, you've come to the right place! Start with HR Benchmarking Stats and keep an eye out for monthly Snap Polls in the weekly eNews. You can also check out CUPA-HR’s analysis of higher ed salary, benefits and workforce trends and explore how your institution can participate in and purchase discounted results from CUPA-HR's unparalleled higher ed workforce surveys. Visit the Knowledge Center’s Compensation Programs/Plans toolkit to view free research reports that come with your membership.

How can I use CUPA-HR resources to support my career?

The best place to start is CUPA-HR's Learning Framework. It's a competency model that looks at skills, behaviors and levels of proficiency to support your current role and look ahead to your next. Be sure to explore the helpful resources for tips and ideas for using the framework.

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