Media Policy: Requesting CUPA-HR Data

Since 1967, CUPA-HR has been the premier provider of salary and benefits data in higher education. This data has been collected and shared primarily for the benefit of our members — higher ed human resource professionals. However, we recognize that this data can be useful for informing a range of campus leaders.

Please note the following guidelines when requesting data from CUPA-HR.

  • Our press releases contain or link to all information available for publication by the media. Requests for additional data are subject to approval and must:
    • Be received at least two business days in advance of when the data is needed. Note, however, that requests requiring a significant investment of time to fulfill may be postponed until all annual reports for that year have been published.
    • Include a clear explanation of how the data will be used and in what context. We reserve the right to deny a request if we determine that fulfilling it would conflict with our organizational priorities or partnerships.
  • Data for the current academic year are provided for use in relevant articles or blog posts and must use proper citation. Data may not be posted as-is (without context) on any organization’s website without separate approval.
  • CUPA-HR does not share data or permit publication of CUPA-HR data associated with a specific institution or employee.

Submit media requests for data to CUPA-HR’s media contact. Requests for data by higher ed institutions, associations and other organizations should be directed to our research team.