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Many Jobs Unfilled Due to Skills Gap

A few years ago, many of us were talking about the emerging skills gap. Then the recession happened bringing with it unemployment at levels not experienced in recent memory. Suddenly, there are many unemployed individuals…many with some exceptional skills, abilities and experiences.

Enter the skills gap crisis. Around 10% (or greater) unemployment in many areas of the country, yet there are companies that are forced to leave jobs unfilled because they cannot find individuals with the required knowledge, skills and abilities needed.

Here’s a quote from an August 10 WSJ article written by Senators Landrieu and Murray:

“…of the nearly 50 million new jobs the BLS projects to be created by 2018, 30 million will require recognized postsecondary credentials. However, there will be three million too few workers with these credentials. Meanwhile, high-school graduation rates are falling—1.2 million students in America drop out of school every year, and young adults are now less educated than their parents’ generation was.”

Is the US headed for a crisis of epic proportions? What can we, as higher ed HR professionals, do to help with this crisis? Are there things we can do at our institutions on in our communities to try and close the skills gap?