Writer’s Guidelines for Higher Ed HR Magazine

Higher Ed HR Magazine is CUPA-HR’s members-only publication for all things higher ed workforce-related. Here you’ll find articles, resources and briefs to help you meet your day-to-day and long-term strategic challenges. Higher Ed HR Magazine is published three times a year — January, May and September. The magazine is published in a digital format.

We welcome and encourage article submissions from CUPA-HR members. If your institution, HR department or team is doing something innovative or unique in any area, what better way to showcase your success than to share your story with 31,000+ higher ed HR professionals! Or if you have content ideas or would like to see a specific topic addressed in the magazine but would rather leave the writing to us, that’s fine, too! Send your article submissions or story ideas to

Submission Deadlines*

  • Winter Issue (published in January) – October 3
  • Spring Issue (published in May) – March 4
  • Fall Issue (published in September) – July 1

*If you plan to submit an article, please send an e-mail to a few weeks prior to the copy deadline stating the subject of your article and providing a general article synopsis. Deadlines are subject to change, so please inquire prior to submitting content.

General Guidelines

  • Articles should be well-researched, current and well-written.
  • Articles should be written in a style that is collegial and conversational, rather than academic and formal. Citations are not required, but when used, should follow APA style.
  • Articles should contain sidebars and graphics when warranted.
  • Articles should have creative titles and strong lead-ins to draw the reader in.
  • Use concrete examples, either real or hypothetical, to bring your article to life.
  • Articles should provide new information, ideas, advice, resources or concepts. Articles should be relevant to the field of higher education human resources.
  • Higher Ed HR Magazine editors reserve the right to edit all articles for style, clarity, length and content. We may also request that authors make specific revisions or additions to articles when necessary.

Additional Information

Each issue of Higher Ed HR Magazine contains at least four feature articles. Feature articles run between 2,000 and 3,000 words. Feature articles typically showcase a successful HR practice at a specific institution, provide general knowledge on an HR-related topic or offer how-to advice.

Receipt of all content submissions will be acknowledged within five business days. Your article will then be reviewed for relevance, timeliness and fit with the magazine. You will be contacted via e-mail regarding whether or not your article was accepted for publication.

As a nonprofit association, CUPA-HR does not compensate authors for their published articles.

Additional Questions
Send an e-mail to