CUPA-HR Essentials Videos

CUPA-HR Essentials have been developed in conjunction with the association's learning framework, which also guides programming for webinars, e-learning courses and face-to-face conferences. Essentials are only available to CUPA-HR members.

The Employment Relationship

Get the basics on issues related to employee relations with a short how-to video.

10 Reasons Higher Ed Employees Unionize

Stay Interview Basics


Get the basics on E-Verify with a short how-to.

Understanding E-Verify

Implementing E-Verify on Campus

FLSA Overtime Rules

Learn about the new rules and how they will impact your institution with these short videos.

FLSA: Then and Now

FLSA: Impact on Your Institution

Form I-9

Get the basics on Form I-9 history and compliance concerns with a short how-to.

Form I-9 Basics

Form I-9 Challenges in Higher Ed

Higher Ed HR Competencies

Learn how to identify and develop leadership competencies that advance your institution's business goals.

Developing Leadership Competencies in Higher Ed

The What and Why of the CUPA-HR Learning Framework


Get the basics on being a mentor and being mentored with a short how-to.

Making the Most of Your Mentorship

Making the Most of Being a Mentor

Position Descriptions

Get the basics on position descriptions with a short how-to.

How to Write a Position Description

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