The Higher Education Workplace

Vol. 9, No. 3 | Winter 2017-18


Pathways to the University Presidency 
By Sonny Chheng and Cole Clark
The findings of a recent study by Deloitte and Georgia Tech provide insight into how university presidents get to the top job on campus, what skills are needed most when they assume the role, what presidents consider to be their most important responsibilities as CEO, and future challenges for campus leaders. 

Connecting the Dots: How HR at University of Denver Turned a Siloed Approach to Professional Development Into a One-Stop-Shop Model
When Greg Giesen joined University of Denver as manager of people development in 2015, centrally administered professional development opportunities for staff and faculty at the university were lacking. Recognizing a need and an opportunity, Giesen and his team leveraged the various learning and development happening in silos across campus to create a new one-stop-shop model, with HR at the helm. 

Closing the Guarantee Gap: Protecting Workers From Outliving Their Retirement Savings
By Ron Pressman
As Americans live longer, ensuring they have sufficient income to last throughout retirement has become one of the most critical challenges facing our economy. Ron Pressman from TIAA Institutional Financial Services examines this guarantee gap and how plan sponsors can help employees make the best choices for saving for retirement. 

The Way Forward: Envisioning New Faculty Models for a Changing Professoriate 
As contingent faculty have been hired in greater numbers over the past few years, institutions often have not considered how their faculty policies and practices and the working conditions encountered by contingents may carry troubling implications for student learning, equal employment opportunities and non-discrimination, talent development and risk management. So what's the way forward? 

Onboarding Done Right: How to Make Your New Employees Feel Welcomed, Connected and Engaged From Day One 
Studies have found that organizations with a comprehensive onboarding program see a faster time to productivity from new employees, increased retention rates and a more fully engaged workforce. Baylor University has seen these benefits and more as a result of making new employee onboarding an experience and not just a process.


A Word From the President and CEO


  • Study Finds Employers Are Taking a More Deliberate Approach to Workers' Wellbeing
  • Findings From Inside Higher Ed's 2017 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers 
  • Tricky New I-9 Scam Wreaking Havoc on Employers: What to Watch For

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