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Use your DEI Maturity Index scores to determine where to start, or choose any area your institution has targeted for DEI development. New resources are added regularly, so check back often!

Defining DEI for Your Institution
  • Use the definitions of these CUPA-HR Learning Framework competencies as a starting point:
  • Customize for your institution CUPA-HR's definitions of diversity, equity and inclusion:
    • Diverse - representing individuals who vary in terms of race/nationality/ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical and mental ability, religious preference, veteran status, genetics, and citizenship
    • Equitable - in hiring, compensating, promoting, providing services and opportunities for, and otherwise treating similarly-situated people represented in the various categories above
    • Inclusive - providing a sustained welcoming and protected environment for all people, regardless of their representation¬†in protected classes

Creating Inclusive Communities Project

Portraits and videos tell the stories of 24 higher ed HR professionals. Use the Discussion documents to initiate conversations on your campus. Learn more.

More Resources for DEI Development


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