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Most higher ed institutions aspire to improve in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) on campus, but many don’t know how to define their problems, measure their efforts, or devote their time and resources. The DEI Maturity Index, a free CUPA-HR resource sponsored by Segal, can provide answers for these questions, helping institutions strengthen what they do well and take action on aspects of their DEI work that are lagging. Learn more.

The following resources offer information and examples for developing your institution's DEI efforts based on the categories in the DEI Maturity Index. Use your DEI Maturity Index scores to determine where to start, or choose any area your institution has targeted for DEI development. New resources are added regularly, so check back often!

Communication and Education
  • How your institution defines DEI
  • Incorporation of DEI into mission and strategic priorities
  • Use of inclusive language in policies and procedures
  • Demonstration of the value of DEI by top leaders
  • Value of DEI communicated at all levels of the institution
  • Education of new and existing faculty and staff

Explore Communication and Education Resources

  • Representation of protected groups in faculty and staff
  • Equitable pay for protected groups in faculty and staff
  • Collection of data, type of data, and how it’s used
  • Assessments and reviews of institution’s own DEI efforts/goals
  • Accountability to DEI goals at all levels

Explore Assessment Resources

  • Efforts to welcome diversity on campus
  • Institutional response to unexpected events and feedback
  • Engagement of variety of campus groups in DEI efforts
  • Diverse representation in committees and leadership
  • Representation across the workforce
  • Campus-wide culture of DEI
  • Engagement of community beyond campus

Explore Culture Resources

Investment and Infrastructure
  • Dedicated staff for DEI
  • Dedicated financial resources for DEI
  • Communication of priorities and outcomes across the institution
  • Quality of DEI resources
  • Investment in student pipeline for the future workforce

Explore Investment and Infrastructure Resources

Compensation, Recruitment and Retention
  • Pay equity plans for faculty and staff
  • Retention and promotion efforts for diverse hires
  • Hiring protocols and search committee prep
  • Faculty and staff recruitment applicant pool data

Explore Compensation, Recruitment and Retention Resources