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Is HR Fun?

funWhen we discuss our jobs with our HR colleagues we often cite the challenges and frustrations of having to be the HR Police: struggling to implement a morass of legislative mandates, trying to get supervisors and employees to follow policies, mediating workplace disagreements … and on it goes. When was the last time you told a colleague how much fun your job is?

Perhaps, just perhaps, we could view as rewarding and satisfying our success in recruiting great workers, our implementation of vexing mandates, our contributions to a positive organizational culture, and being the “go to” person to help managers solve problems. With the right attitude, all of this could be considered fun.

As CHRO of a large university system, the stresses and challenges were certainly there. But I embraced a personal challenge to make working in HR an honor and enjoyable. If, when walking around our office I heard laughter, I knew things were good, and right. “Let’s work hard but let’s have fun” was my motto. Individuals in other departments envied our culture and that made me proud. Yes, HR should, and can, be fun.