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International Symposium Receives Positive Reviews

Kyle J. Cavanaugh, VP Administration, Duke University

CUPA-HR held its first pre-conference International Symposium on Saturday. With the assistance of Fidelity Investment Services, approximately 50 participants engaged in a day long workshop that focused on sharing experiences and took a deeper dive into the complexities of human resource work from a global perspective.

One of the significant differences from other pre-conference workshops was the participants themselves and the institutions they represented. Many U.S. institutions were represented including: Notre Dame, North Carolina State University, Princeton, University of Tampa, and Ithaca College. However, there was also a strong contingent of international colleges attending the symposium representing institutions such as The National University of Singapore, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, and Masdar Institute from the United Arab Emirates. The combination of U.S. institutions blended with international colleges provided a rich dialogue throughout the day.

At the end of the symposium, the participants were uniform in their support of further programming and offered suggestions regarding how to increase resources available to schools moving into the global platform. In an effort to provide a more thorough session of the symposium, an article for The Higher Education Workplace magazine will be developed.