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How Are Higher Ed $$$ Spent?

Both of my sons attend a large public university. I believe both are receiving a quality education that is preparing them to be future leaders. I also hope that their degrees will help them find gainful employment that eventually takes them off of my payroll! That said, there are challenges they have encountered in getting classes needed and their schedules are a little bizarre…some days an 8 am start time, some days classes ending after 6 pm, etc. I accept these as typical challenges for students who choose to attend a large public university that has experienced significant cuts in state funding.

There is much conversation regarding the affordability of a college education and the value of this education to students. Some conversation is based in fact, but much of the conversation (in my opinion)  is based on opinion. This summary of how higher ed $$$ are spent is excellent and illustrates some interesting differences between spending at public and private institutions.

What do you think about the data? Do the expenditures make sense? Do the allocations seem appropriate?