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Oneness Lab Virtual Chapter Keynote

Last spring, we invited our volunteer leaders to take part in the Oneness Lab, Deeper than Diversity, a virtual workshop developed by Homa Tavangar and Eric Dozier designed to unlock mindsets and skillsets that help us go deeper than diversity. If you were able to join us for the workshop, you know how awesome Homa and Eric are. The workshop was also incredibly thought provoking and timely!

I am excited to announce that Homa and Eric have created a recorded keynote presentation for our chapters to share at their virtual events, along with discussion questions to help facilitate conversations! While this recording is different than the 4-part series that we did this past spring, I think you’ll find it every bit as engaging and thought provoking. Even better, this presentation is free for our chapters to use!

A description of this recorded presentation is below:

Calling Out, Calling In or Calling UP: Building Racial Literacy to Confront the Empathy Gap and Engage in Authentic Relationship-Building

We find ourselves in a moment where we’re navigating the challenging context of pandemic-impacted workplaces and communities, alongside fraught and polarized discourse around racial justice that seems to be heating up more every month. As we seek to bridge divides between “us” and “them,” how might building racial literacy help us to move beyond the dichotomy of calling people out versus calling in, to something new: “calling up.” This is where we rise to our potential, holding a space for sincere and courageous conversation, relationship cultivation, community-building, and deeper learning. This talk will explore some big ideas and practical steps you can take in your professional and personal spaces.

Homa and Eric have created discussion questions that will be provided with the video. They can host a live Q&A session at your chapter event for a $1,500 fee.

If your chapter would like to present this Oneness Lab recording at your fall event, please complete the form below. You will have the opportunity to select if you would like a live Q&A session hosted by Homa and Eric on the form. We will connect you with Homa and Eric to coordinate the payment of their fee. You will also be able to use the question prompts they have provided to facilitate your own discussion or break-out sessions.

For planning purposes, the video is thirty-seven minutes long and the live Q&A sessions with Homa and Eric are scheduled for thirty minutes. If your chapter chooses to facilitate your own Q&A session, you will receive five questions crafted by Homa and Eric to help facilitate conversations after you present their video.

Questions? Contact us at