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Business, Legal and Financial Questions

One of our board members has left the board, what do I need to do?

You should fill the vacant position and update your chapter board list using the form in the leader toolkit. Per your chapter bylaws, in the event of a vacancy in any office, the board of directors shall can make an interim appointment that will be for the remainder of the former board member’s term of office. Updates to your chapter board list can be made by completing the Update Chapter Board List form in the volunteer leader toolkit.

How do I update my chapter’s bylaws to include other or new positions?

The bylaws template contains the five positions needed to govern your board. Any other board positions should not be listed in your bylaws, but noted in your business meeting minutes or in your chapter’s operating procedures to provide flexibility for your current and future boards.

How do we get certificate of insurance for our event?

Complete the online request for certificate of insurance form located in the volunteer leader toolkit and submit to