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Exploring Competencies and Creating a Development Plan to Move Up the Campus Career Ladder

“Ask yourself: How do I leverage what we are doing as a learning opportunity?”
-Workshop Presenter Mary Anne Berzins, Assistant Vice President of Workforce Planning for Human Resources, University of Utah

20131027.174314During the Aspiring CHRO Workshop at the CUPA-HR Annual Conference and Expo 2013, presenter Mary Anne Berzins of the University of Utah encouraged attendees to find ways to incorporate learning and development into their everyday HR projects.

After using the CUPA-HR Learning Framework to identify key competencies of a CHRO — understanding the higher ed business model, ethics and relationship building, among others — attendees created individual development plans with those competencies in mind.

The plans helped attendees identify:

  • Skills that each wants to acquire, develop or enhance;
  • The gap between where they are now and where they want to be;
  • Actions that will close that gap (e.g. coaching, mentoring, support or practice);
  • Resources that will help them get there (e.g. mentor, supervisor, colleagues, workplace assignment, workshop or reading); and
  • The timeline for closing the gaps they identified.

Do you actively work on an individual development plan? What resources or tactics do you find useful in developing the skills you’ve identified?