“CUPA-HR 2022 Survey Participation — Everything You Need to Know”

Wednesday, October 20 | 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET

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For higher education, attracting and retaining top talent has quickly become one of the most pressing challenges to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. As fall 2021 unfolds with a return to campus and in-person learning for most, institutions must rethink how they are positioning themselves as employers of choice within both local communities and the nation at large.

CUPA-HR's research is the platinum standard for the higher ed workforce data you need to ensure equitable and competitive compensation and benefits. No other data source better captures salary, benefits and demographic data across all categories of higher ed employees — administrators, faculty, professionals and staff. In 2020-21, the demand for CUPA-HR’s workforce data was the highest it’s ever been in our 75-year history. This year, data collection will continue to be crucial. While data collection starts on November 1, now is the time to start planning for participation. Join the CUPA-HR Research team in this one-hour webinar to learn about what’s new for the 2021-22 data collection cycle and how you can work with CUPA-HR to become the data hero your campus needs.

Topics we’ll be covering include:

  • Changes to this year’s surveys
  • Everything you need to know to participate
  • How to manage and update your data providers
  • Critical planning dates to make participation easy
  • What data you should plan to provide and start gathering now
  • Where to get answers to your questions during the collection cycle
  • How your institution benefits from participating in our surveys

Whether you’re new to our surveys or a long-time participant, make plans now to contribute your data and lock in your generous participant discount. We’re here to help you navigate the surveys. Members of the Research team will be standing by to answer your questions live in the chat box!


  • Jackie Bichsel, Ph.D.
    Director of Research


  • Suzi Bowen
    Research Operations Manager



HR Data, Systems, Analytics

Strategic Leadership



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