Submit a Presentation Proposal

for one or both of CUPA-HR's 2018 Spring Conferences

Spring Conference, Hosted by CUPA-HR’s Eastern Region
Baltimore, Maryland
April 8-10, 2018

Spring Conference, Hosted by CUPA-HR’s Midwest and Western Regions
Salt Lake City, Utah
April 30-May 2, 2018

The call for proposals is now closed. Presenters will be notified in early November.

Who Should Submit a Proposal?

  • Higher ed HR professionals with a story to tell or expertise to share
  • Subject matter experts who have unique insight into the challenges facing higher ed HR

All proposals are welcome! Possible topics include:

  • Campus climate and the role of HR
  • Change management
  • Higher ed workforce challenges
  • Higher ed talent management challenges
  • HR as partner with academic leaders
  • Using HR data to drive leadership decision-making
  • Legislative and regulatory compliance challenges (ACA, FMLA, Title IX, etc.)
  • HR metrics and leveraging technology
  • Any timely higher ed HR topic

For the conference in Baltimore, we are especially interested in submissions that focus on:

  • Sustainability of HR on college campuses
  • Transforming relationships
  • Innovations in HR practice
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (especially practical advice for addressing microaggressions and unconscious bias)

For the conference in Salt Lake City, we are especially interested in submissions that focus on:

  • Influence and change management
  • Leading change

Tools for Fine-Tuning Your Proposal

  • Learning Framework  Review the CUPA-HR Learning Framework. Get an overview with this short video, and explore the details on the framework web page. All CUPA-HR learning is connected to the Learning Framework.
  • Exploratory Questions — Fine-tune your session idea even further by answering these questions:
    • How does your proposed topic relate to the CUPA-HR Learning Framework?
    • Why is the topic of interest to higher ed HR professionals of varying institution sizes and types — small public, large public, small private, large private, two-year, four-year, etc.?
    • What challenges will your session help others to overcome?
    • Could you co-present with a professional from another institution to give your session more depth?
  • Worksheet  Preview this worksheet and draft your presentation proposal submission prior to entering the information in the online form. Please note that spelling/grammar checks are not available in the online form.

Before You Decide to Submit a Proposal

  • First Review Important Dates and Timelines: If you will be unable to meet these deadlines or do not have support from your institution or employer to present, please reconsider your decision to submit a proposal.
    • Proposal Submission Deadline: October 19
    • Speaker Agreement Due From Selected Speakers: Within One Week of Notification
    • Delivery of Presentation: April 8-10, 2018 (for the Spring Conference hosted by the Eastern Region in Baltimore) - or - April 30-May 2 (for the Spring Conference hosted by the Midwest and Western Regions in Salt Lake City)
  • Then Review the Indirect Costs of Presenting: If you are a selected speaker, you’ll be asked to share your knowledge without compensation. Additionally, you’ll be required to pay your own travel costs and a conference registration fee of $390-$950 depending on your affiliation with a higher ed institution or corporate organization.

Please Note: By clicking on the “Proposal Submission” button below you acknowledge that you have read the Call for Proposal information and agree to the terms.