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Diversity and Inclusion — A Call to Action

One look at the CUPA-HR home page and you see the Inclusion Cultivates Excellence logo for our annual conference which begins in just over a week. You also see the first link under the Association/Member News… “Read about CUPA-HR’s plans to promote institutional excellence through diversity, equity and inclusion.” It’s also easy to click to the annual conference site, find diversity and inclusion from the drop down menu and see a list of 32 concurrent sessions that include diversity and inclusion as part of the subject matter.

 At the annual conference next week (on Monday morning, September 26, just before Judge Glenda Hatchett speaks), we will celebrate the creation of CUPA-HR’s position statement and action plan on diversity, equity and inclusion. We will also celebrate the actions we have taken thus far (in a very short time) to clearly demonstrate that diversity, equity and inclusion are core to who we are as an association and as HR professionals.

 More importantly, we will publicly commit as a national office staff and board of directors to making our ongoing actions SPEAK louder than the great words we have put on paper.  The higher ed workforce is changing on so many dimensions. Every higher ed institution needs to understand and acknowledge that every voice is important…and HR professionals must be THE leaders who seek out those voices to strengthen the institution.

 We invite you to join us and help us lead this vitally important work.