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Digital Learning Day Celebrates New Ways of Teaching and Learning

DLD_buttonThe leaps and bounds we’ve made in technology over the past two decades have changed the way we do all manner of things. From banking and shopping, to working and playing, to keeping in touch and more, the latest and greatest technology can facilitate ease of use, time savings and convenience.

Technology is also increasingly finding its way into the teaching and learning model, not only in K-12 and higher education, but also in the workplace. Thanks to the emergence of online courses, webinars, virtual conferences and a multitude of digital platforms, today’s workforce enjoys expanded opportunities for professional development. By leveraging the technology at our fingertips, professional development can be an ongoing venture instead of a once-per-year event.

As K-12 professionals celebrate Digital Learning Day on March 13, it might be a good time for higher ed workforce development and training professionals to take stock of their professional development delivery model. Are you utilizing the technology available to you in the most effective, efficient way? Are you reaching employees where they are? Are you providing sufficient opportunities for your workforce to grow and learn? And what about you personally? Are you committed to your own professional development? How can you incorporate continual learning into your routine?

With all the advances happening in technology on a near-constant basis, the way we teach and learn will continue to shift and evolve. Are you prepared for what the future holds?

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