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CUPA-HR Cares at our 2011 Annual Conference in Orlando

Just last year CUPA-HR kicked of our CUPA-HR Cares program that kicks off our annual conference. This year we teamed up with Clean the World in Orlando for an afternoon of soap preparation! The premise of Clean the World lies in the fact that soap can prevent so many diseases around the world and soap is something we have A LOT of here in the U.S. Just in the last year alone, the soap Clean the World has recycled from various hotels and resorts has kept over 1 million pounds of waste out of landfills – AMAZING! Several of our annual conference attendees gave up their morning and/or afternoon to go down to Clean the World and we had a great time in the process.

What did we do exactly? We had three processes going on. First of all we had the soap prep area – this was where soap from hotels was scraped of all oddities and other such unnecessary things so that it could go from there to a steamer. After the soap is steamed they’ll grind it up, heat it up and make brand new bars. The second area were making little care packs that contained a bar of soap and a washcloth that these guys can easily hand to a child. The third area was responsible for taking soap out of wrappers! Yep, you heard me right. A lot of schools and other groups run soap drives to collect soap from Clean the World. This soap may go into a care pack but it’s also boxed up and sent to homeless shelters or other groups in need around the country. Pretty cool!

While I don’t have the exact numbers on me we scraped something over 5,000 bars of soap, created over 2,000 care packs and prepped well over 3,000 bars of soap that are boxed and ready to ship!

A big thanks to our volunteers for coming out, TIAA-CREF and HigherEdJobs for their sponsorship that made this possible and to Clean the World for having us. It’s always great to give back and have a great time in the process!

If you’d like to see us in action, here’s a short video clip.