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Courage as a Job Qualification

“There will be at least half a dozen times in your career that doing the right thing will put your job in jeopardy.” This was told to me by someone whose many accomplishments cement his credibility. I was floored.

Probably because of my astonishment, I didn’t probe where that number came from. Was it the number of times in his career that he faced such a situation? Was it based in observation? Or, did he take a guess knowing that I work in HR? He did, however, speak with confidence, and with the undertone that it was never easy.

I was unsettled following the conversation. For weeks after, even. Then I reflected on the person who imparted this wisdom to me and I felt much better. Clearly he was put in this position many times, and, knowing his character, he did the right thing.

My takeaway – success doesn’t have to go hand in hand with compromised morals. It just may require a little courage to do the right thing. Let’s update our job descriptions.