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CUPA-HR Connect — “Ask Us Anything”

Ask Us Anything Discussions
Onboarding, March 18-22, 2019 — Read posts from this event (requires login)
Using Data Strategically, April 29-May 3, 2019 — Data User Group

What Is "Ask Us Anything"?

It’s a chance for CUPA-HR members to share their experience and expertise around a featured topic for the designated week. All conversations take place in a designated CUPA-HR Connect group. And to help the conversation along, several CUPA-HR members with experience in the topic are designated as facilitators for the week. By the end of the week, we will have crowdsourced a wealth of ideas on the topic at hand.

See a topic that interests you? We hope you’ll take time to visit the host group in Connect online (or read your daily digest email), and chime in!

Which Groups Host Ask-Us-Anything Events?

Glad you asked!

The General Discussion Group is the main conversation space in CUPA-HR’s online community. CUPA-HR members are welcome to join, ask questions, share ideas, or search previous posts for information on any higher ed HR topic.

The Data User Group was created for discussions about using CUPA-HR's DataOnDemand tool and, more broadly, about using data to  inform strategic plans for higher ed institutions. Anyone who has a CUPA-HR website account is welcome to join, ask questions, share ideas, or search previous posts for information.

How Do I Join In?

  1. Go to the General Discussion Group online or the Data User Group online, and log in using your CUPA-HR credentials.
  2. Click the Join Community button and select your message preference.

If you elect to receive messages via email (in real time or in digest form), you will also have the option to send messages to the group from your email:

Already a member of the host group? Simply visit the group online to read or post.

What If I have Questions That Aren’t Related to the Featured Topic?

Ask away! These groups are active year-round to answer any questions you have.