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Can You Believe That Texas Might Allow Guns on Campus?

Someone please tell the Texas legislature that they are making a terrible mistake! For many years, I served as the Chief HR Officer on a higher education campus. Most campus policies are clear…no guns on campus unless you are a certified law enforcement officer.  I fully support a citizen’s right to protect himself (or herself), but there is no reason for someone to sit in a classroom or attend a campus function with a gun. There is definitely NO reason for a faculty or staff member to wander around campus with a loaded concealed weapon.  “Good morning students, I have a gun in my briefcase.” I shutter to think about the supervisor who must counsel an employee for unacceptable job performance or absenteeism. Am I counseling someone who is carrying a concealed weapon today? Can you imagine telling an employee with a concealed weapon that he or she is no longer employed? ? Making it ok to walk around campus with a weapon will result in additional workplace violence and jeopardize the safety of everyone. This isn’t about the right to protect ourselves. It is about the overall safety of everyone….and we are all much safer if everyone is not wandering around campus with loaded guns.