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Read and Listen to Inspiring CUPA-HR Content From 2021

Throughout 2021, HR practitioners have proven their resilience time and again by positively impacting higher education not only in response to the ever-evolving pandemic, but also in building more flexible, diverse and inclusive workplaces. CUPA-HR captured many of these higher ed success stories, as well as leadership advice, helpful resources and workforce data trends in the following articles, podcasts and blog posts.

As you read and listen to the inspiring work your HR colleagues are doing at colleges and universities around the country, we encourage you to jot down ideas to take into the year ahead: 

Retention and Engagement 

Develop to Retain: Tools and Resources for Higher Ed Professional Development (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Maintaining Culture and Connection for Remote Employees (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Stay tuned for an article in the upcoming winter issue of Higher Ed HR Magazine: “Four Areas HR Can Address Now to Boost Retention and Engagement.”

Future of Work 

New Report Highlights Changes to the Professional Workforce in the Wake of the Pandemic (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

New Report Highlights Changes to Faculty Workforce in the Wake of the Pandemic (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Navigating Compliance With a Multi-State Workforce (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Determining Remote Work Eligibility and Talking to Leadership About Flexible Work (CUPA-HR Soundbite)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

5 CHROs Use CUPA-HR’s DEI Maturity Index to Energize Their DEI Efforts (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

A Mission for Greater Faculty Diversity — Oakland University’s Diversity Advocate Program (Higher Ed HR Magazine)

Can HR Investigators Be Anti-Racist? — Action Steps to Overcome Racial Bias When Conducting Workplace Investigations (Higher Ed HR Magazine)

Juneteenth — How Will Your Institution Observe the Day? (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community in Higher Ed — 3 Learning Resources for HR (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Three Ways HR Can Promote Cultural Appreciation Over Appropriation (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Boost Your Pay Equity Know-How By Tapping Into These Resources (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Mental Health

Mental Health Month Focus: Resources (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

Strategies to Become More Resilient in Work and Life (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

HR Care Package — Resources for Self-Care (The Higher Ed Workplace Blog)

HR Leadership 

CUPA-HR Conversations: Higher Ed HR Turns 75 (CUPA-HR Podcast)

Why Psychological Safety Matters Now More Than Ever (Higher Ed HR Magazine)

Opening Doors for Strategic Partnerships With Academic Leadership (Higher Ed HR Magazine)


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