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Attracting Talent Today to Build Your Workforce of Tomorrow


For colleges and universities to attract top talent to fill the pipeline of future institution leaders, higher ed HR leaders must consider their recruitment process from the candidate’s perspective, recognize the importance of positive onboarding experiences and the lasting effects they have on new hires and current employees, and adapt to the changing needs of today’s employees.

HR and the Courts


CUPA-HR General Counsel Ira Shepard highlights some recent rulings around First Amendment free speech, Equal Pay Act and sex discrimination violations, ADA violations and a flawed sexual harassment investigation.

HR and Student Affairs: Partnering Around Diversity and Inclusion

by Missy Kline

What should a collaborative relationship between HR and student affairs look like around diversity and inclusion efforts on campus? We asked Monica Nixon, assistant vice president for equity, inclusion and social justice at NASPA (the association for student affairs administrators in higher education), to share her perspective from the student affairs side on ways HR can and should be partnering with student affairs leaders on campus.

Workplace Inclusivity for People With Disabilities: Accommodating Specific Needs


The Americans with Disabilities Act has been in effect for nearly 30 years, yet many workplaces still struggle with making effective accommodations, and even more so with creating an inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities as part of their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and daily practice.

A New Normal for Higher Ed

by Andy Brantley

Many colleges and universities are facing the challenge of a “new normal” as the number of traditional college-aged students continues to shrink as we approach the 2025 higher ed enrollment cliff. What can HR do now to help their institutions prepare for and address the challenges related to fewer students on campus?