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March 31 Is Equal Pay Day — Here’s How CUPA-HR Is Contributing to the Pay Equity Conversation

This year, March 31 has been designated by the National Committee on Pay Equity as Equal Pay Day. The date illustrates the gap between salaries for men and women in the U.S. by showing how many days past year-end women who work full-time must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.

CUPA-HR contributes to the pay equity conversation by collecting and analyzing salary and demographic data for higher ed administrators, faculty, professionals and staff. This year’s key findings from the Faculty in Higher Education Annual Report revealed ongoing inequality in pay, representation and promotion of women and minorities in faculty positions.

Additionally, the pay gap between women and White men is exacerbated at the rank of professor, as well as with Asian individuals across ranks. On the other hand, racial/ethnic minorities tend to be paid equitably or more than equitably compared to White men, except at the rank of instructor, where they tend to be paid less equitably.

More Pay Equity Findings From 2019 Reports  

CUPA-HR is still analyzing data from this year’s administrators, professionals, and staff surveys. However, past survey results indicate much work still needs to be done to move the needle on equitable pay for women and minorities in higher ed, and this year’s surveys will likely yield similar results.

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