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Celebrate Digital Learning Day and Use Technology to Learn Every Day

DLD-blogIt seems like these days there’s a “day” for everything: National Cheeseburger Day (September 18), Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19), World Introvert Day (January 2) … the list goes on. While these days have varying importance depending on who you talk to, there is one day we hope you’ll join us in celebrating — Digital Learning Day on February 17.

Technology has been integrated into how we teach, learn and interact with one another, from the classroom to the workplace. Some obvious examples are e-books and social media, but consider too that there are apps that can do everything from helping you learn another language to providing location-specific job aids. And all of this from your phone!

Clearly, the tools are out there and readily available in almost everyone’s hands, but are we utilizing them to provide convenient learning and professional development opportunities for our employees and ourselves?

Why not observe Digital Learning Day by completing one of these activities for your own professional development:

  • Take 10 minutes to watch an installment of one of CUPA-HR’s newest e-learning resources — CUPA-HR Essentials. Then, Tweet something you learned @cupahr using the hashtag #DLDay.
  • Check out one of the NEW Knowledge Center toolkits and share an example or best practice from your institution via Twitter @cupahr using the hashtag #DLDay.
  • Pose a question on CUPA-HR Connect to get answers, examples and samples from your higher ed HR colleagues across the country, or share your expertise or institution’s practices by responding to an existing question.
  • Plan your next digital learning experience by registering for one of three upcoming, first-of-their-kind CUPA-HR Virtual Workshops hosted by the Southern, Midwest and Eastern Regions (presenters include Dave Ulrich and Starbucks Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion Tony Byers!).

While the focus and excitement of Digital Learning Day centers around one day, we know that in our always-connected world, learning has to be continuous. Are you leveraging the power of the devices on your desk and in your pocket for learning? Is your institution providing learning opportunities that are easily accessed when and where employees need them? Is learning part of your routine?

CUPA-HR’s own online learning resources are growing! Check out our e-learning courses, or view one of our new video-style CUPA-HR Essentials. Need help identifying competencies to develop? Explore the CUPA-HR Learning Framework. If you’re looking to revamp your institution’s professional development model, check out the training and development resources in the CUPA-HR Knowledge Center