2022 Data: Changes in Higher Ed Pay and Workforce Size

CUPA-HR has released its data on overall higher ed pay increases, as well as changes in workforce size for 2021-22. Higher Ed Pay Increases Have Not Kept Pace With Inflation The soaring inflation rate has far outpaced pay increases for the higher education workforce. According to findings from CUPA-HR’s annual workforce surveys for 2021-22, overall... View Article

Uncovering Workplace Barriers by Auditing the DEI Experience

Detecting bias can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to long-standing practices that are firmly rooted in our campus culture and systems. Left unchecked, these routine practices may create unintended barriers to inclusion and belonging. In the recent CUPA-HR virtual workshop, “Detecting Systemic Bias in Talent Practices,” Dr. Aarti Shyamsunder, DEI solutions consultant at... View Article

Tools to Build a Harassment-Free Higher Ed Workplace

Sexual violence is a multi-faceted and difficult topic. Higher ed institutions either enter the conversation before an event of sexual violence has occurred or after it has occurred, leaving the institution scrambling for answers to the campus community as to why it happened in the first place. As part of upcoming Sexual Assault Awareness Month... View Article

Tips to Help HR Retain and Engage Talent

In a recent members-only article from the winter issue of Higher Ed HR Magazine, Britni Elder, associate vice president for human resources and risk management at the University of Central Arkansas, shared tips and resources higher ed HR practitioners can tap into to get ahead of the resignation curve and not only hold onto employees,... View Article

Read and Listen to Inspiring CUPA-HR Content From 2021

Throughout 2021, HR practitioners have proven their resilience time and again by positively impacting higher education not only in response to the ever-evolving pandemic, but also in building more flexible, diverse and inclusive workplaces. CUPA-HR captured many of these higher ed success stories, as well as leadership advice, helpful resources and workforce data trends in... View Article

Develop to Retain: Tools and Resources for Higher Ed Professional Development

It’s Employee Learning Week — a great reminder for employers to showcase their commitment to talent development by highlighting development opportunities available to employees. Whether you’re an HR practitioner in search of professional development ideas for yourself and your HR peers, or you’re looking for ideas to engage and develop other employees at your institution, here... View Article

3 Takeaways From the CUPA-HR Annual Conference

Thank you to all who attended the CUPA-HR Annual Conference and Expo in person and virtually this week! It was wonderful to welcome new and familiar faces, celebrate CUPA-HR’s 75th anniversary, and explore outstanding sessions with so many of you. For those who weren’t able to attend, here are three conference takeaways you can put... View Article

Maintaining Culture and Connection For Remote Employees

Higher ed leaders worked tirelessly last year to facilitate employee transitions to remote work. Now that many employees are firmly rooted in their remote work routine (and in some cases hesitant or unable to return to campus), what was previously a short-term solution is becoming a permanent option at many institutions, and the next challenge... View Article

Juneteenth — How Will Your Institution Observe the Day?

As Congress prepares to vote on legislation establishing June 19 as a federal holiday, we are exploring ways institutions can observe this momentous occasion in U.S. history. Juneteenth, the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States, has not always been widely recognized. Expanding your campus community’s knowledge of Juneteenth and... View Article

Flexible Work Is the Future of Work — Seizing the “New Normal” for Increased Engagement and Productivity

This post was contributed by Bryan Garey, vice president and chief human resources officer at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. A transformation of the workplace is taking place right before our eyes. From pandemic-driven urgency, workplaces are succeeding in meeting both customer expectations and employee needs through creative approaches that have redefined where, when and... View Article

The Future of Work in Higher Ed

If 2020 has given us anything — aside from a new appreciation for the word “pivot” — it’s proof that higher ed is just as capable of adaptation as the corporate world. Before these unprecedented times, big names like Google, Facebook and Netflix were more often at the forefront of workforce innovation conversations than were... View Article

Why Leadership Development Is Increasingly Critical in Higher Education

This blog post was contributed by Cornerstone OnDemand, a CUPA-HR Mary Ann Wersch Premier Partner. Outstanding leadership is the key for any organization to thrive, and higher education is no exception. These days, universities and colleges are juggling more demands and challenges than ever before. On top of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many to shift... View Article

Great CUPA-HR Reads of 2020

Between pivoting with the COVID-19 pandemic, confronting racial issues, making strides toward more equitable workplaces, and managing already hectic workloads, higher ed HR has had its hands full this year. Yet in the middle of it all, resilient HR pros continue to find ways to positively impact the higher education landscape. As 2020 comes to... View Article

8 Practical Ways Higher Ed HR Leaders Can Build Trust

In times of uncertainty, employees turn to leaders they trust to guide the path forward. In their CUPA-HR virtual annual conference session, “Grabbing at Smoke, or Building Trust?,” Sheraine Gilliam-Holmes, executive director and chief HR officer at Austin Peay State University, and Donovan Johnson, compensation analyst at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and a 2019-20... View Article

Taking Care of You, Your HR Colleagues and Your Campus Community

The last several months have been like nothing we have ever experienced, as COVID-19 disrupted and reshaped our lives and our work. These work and life challenges have taken a toll on our mental health and well-being, and it is so important that we acknowledge this and find ways to address these challenges for ourselves,... View Article

Long-Term Remote Work: 3 Adjustments for HR to Consider

The global health pandemic has reshaped where, how and when we do our work. Many employers are beginning to accept that remote work is not just a temporary work arrangement, but a long-term solution for employees whose job function can be completed outside a traditional office setting. These are just a few points for HR... View Article

How HR Can Help Eliminate Racial Microaggressions in the Workplace

Have you ever heard someone at your institution say to a person of color, “When I look at you, I don’t see color?” Microaggressions such as this “colorblind” statement may not mean to intentionally demean the recipient, but intentional or not, it denies a person of color’s racial or ethnic experiences. Microaggressions were a common... View Article

Summer Reading List Recommendations From Your Higher Ed HR Peers

That professional development conference or in-person skills course you excitedly marked on your calendar at the beginning of the year may not be happening now due to COVID-19, but HR pros can still engage in professional development opportunities on their own time. A great place to start is by building a robust reading list of... View Article

4 Tips for Keeping Your Newly Remote Team Engaged

For most institutions, the onset of the COVID-19 crisis required rapid response on countless fronts, including moving a substantial number of employees to full- or part-time work from home. However, as the technical and logistical dust has settled, and the reality of long-term remote work has set in, many teams have wrestled with finding a... View Article

3 Steps HR Can Take Now to Help Address Declining Enrollment

A perfect storm is brewing. The “Birth Dearth,” wary international students, a decline in state funding, tuition pressures, low unemployment, and changes in major employer hiring standards are all contributing factors to a sharp drop in enrollment anticipated to occur as early as 2025. In fact, many institutions are already wrestling with declining enrollment. So... View Article

12 Great Reads of 2019

As the year quickly winds down, we hope you’ll take some time to read about some of the great work your HR colleagues are doing at colleges and universities around the country. CUPA-HR’s Higher Ed HR Magazine and Higher Ed Workplace blog highlight new and innovative ways to do HR (from institutions and organizations who have been there,... View Article

Leading With the Head, the Heart and the Spine

This post was contributed by Yves Salomon-Fernández, president of Greenfield Community College and adjunct faculty member at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. At the CUPA-HR Annual Conference in October, I had the privilege of serving on a panel with two other chief executives — the president of a private liberal arts university and a state... View Article

HR and Student Affairs: Partnering Around Diversity and Inclusion

A surge in student activism in recent years has driven institutional dialogue and action on equity and inclusion issues. Many of the common concerns students raise, such as inclusive hiring and enhanced staff and faculty training, require input and leadership from human resources. What should a collaborative relationship between HR and student affairs look like... View Article

The Higher Ed Staff Workforce Is Aging

With nearly one-third of the U.S. higher education staff workforce age 55 or older, the implications are many for colleges and universities. New research by CUPA-HR on the aging of the higher ed workforce highlights some challenges institutions will likely face in the coming years as staff begin to retire in large numbers. Here’s what... View Article

The Diversification of the Higher Ed IT Workforce

While the information technology workforce in higher education is currently mostly White and male, a demographic shift could be on the horizon. According to new research from CUPA-HR on the diversity of the higher ed IT workforce, a looming retirement wave in this sector could pave the way for more women and minorities to move... View Article

4 Tips for Effectively Engaging a Multigenerational Workforce

This blog post was contributed by Sean Woodroffe, senior executive vice president and chief HR officer at TIAA. Today’s employers face a tricky task. How do you manage a workforce that contains members of three or four generations, each with unique expectations and goals for their careers and retirements? Chances are, your workforce has 60-year-olds... View Article

HR and the Courts

Each month, CUPA-HR General Counsel Ira Shepard provides an overview of some labor and employment law cases and regulatory actions with implications for the higher ed workplace. Here’s the latest from Ira: New Supreme Court Decision Will Make It More Difficult for Employers to Dismiss Title VII Court Cases Where Plaintiff Does Not File a... View Article

HR, It’s Time to Start Listening

“You’re short on ears and long on mouth.” ― John Wayne As HR professionals, we’re experts at listening, right? In my experience (and I’m also pointing my finger at myself), sometimes yes, and sometimes, not so much. Galen Emanuele, one of the keynote speakers at CUPA-HR’s spring conference in Seattle, encouraged us to apply the improv concept... View Article

4 Considerations for Using Salary Data to Inform Compensation Decisions

Editor’s note: You may have missed this article when we published it last March. It’s been updated here with additional resources and related content. For more on using data strategically, drop by the Ask-Us-Anything event the CUPA-HR Data User Group this week, where higher ed HR professionals who are using CUPA-HR data to inform decisions... View Article

How to Help Hiring Managers Help Their New Employees Hit the Ground Running

Editor’s note: You may have missed this article when we published it last March. It’s been updated here with additional resources and related content. For more on onboarding, drop by the members-only CUPA-HR Connect General Discussion Group this week, where higher ed HR professionals with innovative and successful onboarding practices will be facilitating conversations, answering questions and... View Article

A 7-Step Model for Developing an Internal Talent Pipeline

The higher education workforce is aging. Data from CUPA-HR show that the median age of executive leaders (deans, provosts, presidents, vice presidents) is 60. The majority of faculty are between the ages of 55 and 75. The median age of chief HR officers is 55. About half of higher ed staff are at least 50... View Article

The Recession and Its Aftermath: How Higher Ed Responded

Many colleges and universities, particularly master’s and doctoral institutions, have seen an increase in the numbers of part-time and adjunct faculty over the past decade — a trend that has likely been driven in part by the 2008 economic recession and institutions’ responses to financial challenges in its aftermath. New research from CUPA-HR on how... View Article

How Competitive Are Your Salaries in Today’s Market?

Market-based pay is a staple of the corporate world to attract and retain the best and brightest talent, and many higher ed institutions are moving in this direction as well. It’s especially valuable when you’re hiring locally or regionally. If you’re wondering how to get started with a market-based compensation strategy, here are a few... View Article

Student Affairs: Ahead of the Curve on Workforce Diversity and Pay Equity

Student affairs has one of the most diverse workforces on college and university campuses today, particularly as it relates to women and African Americans in leadership positions. Student affairs is also exemplary for pay equity compared to the rest of higher education. According to findings from CUPA-HR’s just-released research report Focus on Student Affairs, 2018:... View Article

4 Ways to Mitigate Risk Related to Sexual Misconduct and Harassment on Campus

When it comes to creating a safe, inclusive, equitable campus, culture is the bottom line. But changing the culture and transforming the mindset of an enterprise as large and complex and multifaceted as a higher education institution certainly doesn’t happen overnight — it’s a slow and steady journey. While helping their colleges and universities navigate... View Article

5 Ways HR Can Take the Lead on Digital Technology in Higher Ed

This blog post was contributed by Alison Brady, national consulting manager with PageUp.  On average, we check our mobile phones 85 times a day. We’ve become a generation of digital junkies with technology transforming most aspects of our lives. But how far has this reached into higher education? And what has it achieved? According to... View Article

6 Tips to Help You Manage Your Next Project Like a Pro

Project-based work is a near-constant in higher ed human resources. From compensation studies to benefits overhauls, HRIS implementations, recruitment plans, engagement initiatives and more, HR is the key driver behind many projects that affect the entire campus community. But is project management in your wheelhouse? Could you or your project team use a refresher on... View Article

How Institutions Are Leveraging Partnerships and Education to Address Sexual Harassment and Assault on Campus

The “Me Too” movement has prompted a heightened awareness of and national conversation around unequal treatment and inappropriate or criminal sexual conduct in the workplace, and many colleges and universities have strengthened their resolve to eliminate these unacceptable behaviors on their campuses. To create an environment where harassment, incivility, inequality and bias are neither welcome... View Article

Strategies for Eliminating Sexual Harassment in Higher Ed (and It’s Not Simply More Training)

“Philosopher Accused of Sexual Misconduct” “Former Sports Doctor Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault” “Title IX Complaints Filed Against Creative-Writing Professor” “Fifteen Students and Post Docs Issue Statement That Three Professors Created a Hostile Academic Environment in Which Sexual Harassment Is Normalized” “Reports of Sexism in a University Academic Department” “Tenured Professor Sexually Harassed Graduate Student... View Article

12 Great Reads of 2017

It’s hard to believe another year is in the books, and a new one is already underway! As you jump back into your work in this new year, we hope you’ll take some time to read about some of the great work your HR colleagues are doing at colleges and universities around the country. CUPA-HR’s... View Article