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11 Institutions That Are Getting It Right in Diversity and Equity in Leadership Positions

While higher education as a whole is still struggling to get to parity when it comes to women and minorities in senior leadership positions, some institutions are ahead of the curve.

CUPA-HR’s latest research, which compared institutions’ performance over several years in terms of representation and pay equity for women and minority administrators, found that although many institutions did well in at least one diversity/equity area, relatively few did so for representation and pay for both women and minority administrators.

However, 11 institutions were top performers in all areas, sustaining equitable pay and representation for both minorities and women over the past 16 years:

In addition to identifying the top institutions, the brief also highlights some general findings around pay equity and representation of women and minorities in higher ed administration:

  • Public institutions generally are outperforming private ones in pay equity and representation of women and minorities. The exception is in women’s representation, where private independent institutions were ranked the highest. Minority representation and pay has been strongest at larger institutions and at public ones.

  • Associate’s institutions are far exceeding other institution types when it comes to women’s pay equity.
  • Doctoral universities excel in representing minorities in their ad­ministrative positions.

  • Women’s representation tends to be highest at institutions with smaller numbers of administrators. The reverse is true for minorities, where pay equity and representation increase markedly with the number of adminis­trators.

Read the full brief to learn more and to find out how the top-rated institutions approach diversity and equity.

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