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3 Ways to Help Make Recruitment More Inclusive

Diverse PeopleA controversial University of Louisville job ad made waves recently in the higher ed community. You can read about it here in the Inside Higher Ed article “Whites, Asians Need Not Apply.”

The controversy comes at a time when recent events at the University of Missouri, Yale University and other higher ed institutions serve as a reminder that a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion must be the personal and professional responsibility of every higher education leader and member of the campus community.

It’s not always easy, though, for institutions to put that idea into practical action, especially when it comes to faculty and staff recruitment.

From CUPA-HR’s recently released e-learning course “Building a Successful, More Inclusive Search,” here are three ways you can help make your institution’s recruitment outreach more inclusive:

  1. Go beyond including just your institution’s standard affirmative action/equal employment opportunity language in job descriptions by reaching out to your institution’s communications, marketing and diversity offices to incorporate language that reflects your institution’s DEI efforts on campus.
  2. Start outreach early. When HR and other campus departments work together to forecast needs and potential vacancies, outreach can begin earlier, providing ample time to do the work necessary to seek out and find a diverse pool of applicants.
  3. Avoid assumptions such as “… the best minority candidates will be headed for the elite institutions …” and “… a minority candidate just wouldn’t be comfortable here.” Instead, challenge these assumptions by asking leaders and committee members to further clarify those assumptions. To do this, consider using statements such as “What do you mean?” and “Why do you think that?”

For more on how you and other campus leaders can broaden your institution’s outreach and recruitment efforts to enrich the diversity of candidate pools for faculty and staff positions, check out the new e-learning course “Building a Successful, More Inclusive Search.” You may also find helpful the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion toolkit, the Hiring Veterans toolkit and the Recruitment toolkit and the Screening/Selection Committees toolkit in CUPA-HR’s Knowledge Center.