Emerging CUPA-HR Leaders Program
Outline & Requirements Class of 2016-17

General Information

Program Goal

The goal of CUPA-HR's Emerging Leaders program is to identify potential volunteer leaders from across the country that have shown exemplary leadership and initiative within higher ed HR and exhibit the desire to play an active role in advancing the profession. Invited participants will have the unique opportunity to engage in problem-solving work groups, develop deep networks with peers, while gaining an inside look at CUPA-HR's operations and structure. Throughout the program, Emerging Leaders are encouraged to serve the association in a leadership capacity lending a fresh and informed perspective.

Program Objectives

To provide a 12-month experience to selected participants to:

  • Engage in leadership/competency development and program opportunities within CUPA-HR
  • Be part of a cohort that provides peer interaction and connection with CUPA-HR leaders as an integral part of the learning experience
  • Connect with and form a peer network for professional development and problem-solving on current projects/initiatives
  • Build awareness of CUPA-HR's operations, structures and leadership opportunities
  • Immediately serve the profession in a leadership capacity within the association – at the national, region and chapter level.


Potential Emerging Leaders are identified and nominated by CUPA-HR leaders at the region or national level utilizing the CUPA-HR Emerging Leader Nomination Form. Each region selects and submits their identified Emerging Leader for the year (ensuring the commitment of the Emerging Leader to the full program experience prior to submission). The Executive Committee of the national board, chaired by the national board Chair-Elect, will review and finalize the selection of program candidates from the Emerging Leader nominees from the national board. Each selected Emerging Leader will be notified and then assigned a "Guide," who will facilitate their orientation to the program and to prepare them for the Association Leadership Program (ALP). Guides are individuals who may be past emerging leaders or regional or national leaders. National and region board members will assist and facilitate in the development of the Emerging Leaders.

Participant Requirements

To be a successful Emerging Leader, they must be:

  • Fully supported by his/her institution to participate in all components of the program
  • Willing and able to commit to the required time involved in the program
  • Committed to using his or her knowledge, leadership skills, and presentation capability to support the strategic priorities of CUPA-HR and to enhance the higher education HR profession
  • Willing to remain engaged with CUPA-HR at the conclusion of the program in a volunteer leadership or mentoring capacity

Program Requirements

Selected Emerging Leaders must agree to:

  1. Participate in the Association Leadership Program (ALP) in July at which time a development/engagement plan for the program year will be initiated.
  2. Engage in at least three areas of association leadership experience – one at the national level, one at the region level and one at the chapter level throughout the program year.
    • National level activities might include participation in a national committee, special project or presentation at the Annual Conference, contribution to CUPA-HR's Knowledge Center, webinar or other learning and development focus, or in a mentoring capacity.
    • Region level activities might include participation in region board planning or execution of goals, learning and development events, or member engagement.
    • Chapter level activities might include attending at least one chapter meeting in the participant's state, participating in the presentation of a CUPA-HR Update at a chapter meeting in coordination with the region board, or assist with a struggling chapter.
    • Work with the Wildfire participants – mentor, provide support for their project or development plan.
  3. Participate in at least two of the three "Emerging Leader Connection" calls scheduled throughout the program year.
  4. Share feedback on how to improve the Emerging Leader Program.

Program Schedule

March 2016 Nominations submitted from region boards and national board
April 2016 Nominations reviewed and final candidates selected by regions and submitted to the national board. National board nominees are reviewed and selected for approval by the national board.
May 2016

A guide is identified and assigned to each Emerging Leader to confirm their selection, understanding of program expectations and their commitment to the program. Introduces the role of the Guide and the Connection Team

Welcome Letter and Information Packet for ALP

Register for Annual Leadership Program (ALP)

June 2016 Introduction Call with the Connection Team and Assigned "Guide"
July 2016

Attend ALP in and participate in Wildfire/Emerging Leader Learning Events and make connections with region/state leaders

Initiate individual development plan for program year and join CUPA-HR Connect Emerging Leader Community Group

September 2016 Attend the CUPA-HR Annual Conference and Expo (optional)
November 2016

Participate in a check-in and connection call with EL Program participants and Connection Team

Work with Guide, Connection Team and region leader to complete plan to fulfill program requirements

February 2017 Participate in check-in and connection call with EL Program participants and Connection Team
May 2017 Participate in check-in and connection call with EL Program participants and Connection Team
June 2017 Complete Experience Summary and Review with Connection Team on a final program call. Discuss interest in future leadership opportunities.

If you have questions about the Emerging Leader Program, contact CUPA-HR at