Survey FAQs


Do I receive a complimentary copy of results for participating in a survey?

No. Participants in a particular survey receive a discount on the purchase price of results. CUPA-HR members who participate in a given survey receive a 60% discount on the purchase price; nonmembers who participate receive a 32% discount. The discount is automatically calculated when you order the results online.

What are the survey deadlines?

For survey deadlines, see the full survey schedule. When you are logged in to Surveys Online, you can also see the deadlines for any open surveys you have access to complete by clicking Home on the top menu bar and viewing the Upcoming Deadlines box.

Where can I view a list of survey participants?

A list of respondents is available in the Survey Results/Respondents section of our website.

Online Ordering

How do I order survey results?

To order survey reports and/or DataOnDemand, visit the Survey Ordering/Pricing section of our website.

  • Click on the “Order Now” button
  • Enter your CUPA-HR login and password and proceed through all screens
  • You will enter your payment information on the last screen and then checkout

NOTE: To order survey results you must use your CUPA-HR login and password. If you have trouble logging in, contact CUPA-HR toll free at 877-287-2474 or by email.

My login fails when I try to order survey results online.

To purchase CUPA-HR survey results, webinars, conferences or other products, you must use your CUPA-HR login and password. Follow the prompts on the CUPA-HR log-in page to obtain your username and reset your password. If you have trouble logging in, contact CUPA-HR toll free at 877-287-2474 or by email.

How do I order my free report?

Institutional CUPA-HR members automatically receive the Administrators in Higher Education Salary Survey report PDF complimentary.

You do not need to order your free report. Directions to download your complimentary report are emailed to you in February.

What is the cost to purchase survey results?

Pricing for all survey results is based on whether your institution participated in a given survey and, if it did, on whether your institution is a member of CUPA-HR.

Pricing for all surveys is available in the Surveys Ordering/Pricing section of our website.

We’ve hired an outside consultant. Can I give them access to our DataOnDemand?

If your institution has purchased DataOnDemand, we can provide access to an outside consultant hired to perform compensation studies. To request consultant access, send an email to with the following information:

  • Your institution’s name;
  • Consultant’s name, company, address, e-mail and phone number;
  • Provide a statement that indicates the consultant has been hired by your institution to perform compensation studies and that they are authorized to see your institution’s salary data;
  • Provide the names of the surveys the consultant has access to view.
What surveys has my institution ordered this year?

If you do not know what surveys your institution has purchased, contact CUPA-HR Research.

I just placed my survey order online. How do I obtain the results?

After placing your order online, you will receive an e-mail within 24-48 hours with information on how to access the data. If you purchased a PDF report, log in to the Surveys Online website and click on Downloads to download your report. If you purchased DataOnDemand, click on the DataOnDemand tab to create your comparison groups and run your reports.

Surveys Participation

When can I provide my institution’s data?

The Survey Schedule provides important dates to let you know when you can begin to provide your institution's data and the deadline to do so.

Is there a cost to participate in your surveys?

There is no cost to participate in our surveys. However, there is a cost to purchase the survey results.

I finished my survey, why do you keep e-mailing me to complete it?

If you have finished your survey but continue to receive e-mails from us to complete your survey, you have not checked the box that says “My institution has completed this survey.”

Until this box is checked, you will continue to receive e-mails. To check the box, log in to Surveys Online through the CUPA-HR web portal with your CUPA-HR username and password, click on Survey Menu on the Surveys tab, click Go next to the survey in question and check the completed box. Your survey data will now be transmitted to us.

How can I find out if my institution participated in a particular survey?

You can view the participants for each survey in the Report Overview of each report.

Surveys Online

How can I update my personal information?

If you’ve changed institutions or if your name, title, e-mail address or contact numbers are incorrect, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Surveys Online through the CUPA-HR web portal..
  • Click on the Home tab on the top menu bar.
  • Click “Update your contact information”
  • The link opens the pre-formatted e-mail shown below. Update your information that has changed and then click send.
    • Institution:
    • Name:
    • Title:
    • Phone Number:
    • E-mail Address:
    • Comments:
How can I contact the CUPA-HR research staff?

To contact us, please complete the Ask Research form.

How do I update the provider(s) to complete surveys for my institution?

If you are no longer the contact to complete a survey for your institution or if your institution’s contacts have changed, complete our data provider change form.

DataOnDemand (DOD)

What is DataOnDemand?

Visit our DataOnDemand page for a detailed description of DataOnDemand, including a User’s Guide and slideshow.

Can I select DataOnDemand as my free member survey?

No. DataOnDemand is never free. DataOnDemand is a subscription data service. Subscription prices are highest for survey non-participants, and lowest for participants who are members of CUPA-HR. To view current pricing, go to our Surveys Pricing page.

What is a comparison group?

Comparison Groups are defined sets of institutions used for benchmarking purposes. They allow you to compare aggregate results of a group to your own school. Comparison groups can be created based on a set of peer institutions, aspirant institutions or institutions matching certain criteria that you specify such as operating budget, enrollment, faculty size, affiliation, geographical location or Carnegie Classification. Every comparison group you create and use must differ from all your other comparison groups in use at your institution by a minimum of three schools. This is true even for groups you have created, used and then deleted. Deleting a used group removes it from your desktop but not from Surveys Online.

For which surveys can I purchase DOD?

DOD is available for the following surveys:

  • Administrators in Higher Education Salary Survey — The survey (formerly the Administrative Compensation Survey) collects salary data for 191 positions with primary assignments requiring management of the institution or of a customarily recognized division within it. All positions are FLSA exempt. All survey positions are matched to BLS Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes to facilitate completion of the new IPEDS reporting requirements. The survey itself, however, does not collect data by SOC code.
  • Professionals in Higher Education Salary Survey — The survey (formerly the Mid-Level Administrative & Professional Salary Survey) collects salary data for 275 “functional professional” positions with primary assignments and responsibilities requiring professional-level expertise and work in a specific functional area, such as academic or student services, facilities management, human resources, information technology, athletics, etc. Positions covered include those with supervisory duties that do not represent the majority of their time and effort. All positions require at least a baccalaureate degree or equivalent in the field, and may require a terminal degree and/or professional licensure in the field. All positions are FLSA exempt. All survey positions are matched to BLS Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes to facilitate completion of the new IPEDS reporting requirements. The survey itself, however, does not collect data by SOC code.
  • Staff Salary Survey — The Survey (formerly the Non-Exempt Staff Salary Survey) collects annualized salary data for positions commonly found in higher education institutions. The positions in the survey are mostly non-exempt, meaning that job incumbents are generally paid an hourly rate and are eligible for overtime. To ensure comparability of data across respondents, all institutions are asked to report the annual salary each incumbent would receive for working 2080 hours in 12 months without overtime. All survey positions are matched to BLS Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes to facilitate completion of IPEDS reporting requirements.
  • Faculty and Department Heads in Higher Education Salary Survey — The Survey contains detailed aggregated salary information from 687 institutions for 237,231 full-time faculty by discipline, rank, tenure status, gender, and minority status. This report now also contains salary data for adjunct (pay-per-course) and department head faculty. Disciplines are defined in terms of the U.S. Department of Education’s Classification of Instructional Programs: 2010 Edition.
  • Two-Year Faculty in Higher Education Salary Survey — The survey collects average salary data and years of service for full-time faculty by education level (Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, Master's Plus, and Ph.D.). The survey also collects salary data for paid-by-the-course faculty hired by institutions to teach specific courses and who are paid on a course-by-course basis.
  • Healthcare Benefits in Higher Education Survey — The survey collects data on the most representative healthcare and non-healthcare benefits offered to faculty and staff employed in a cross-section of the nation's colleges and universities. Healthcare data is collected annually and non-healthcare data every two years. The latter includes basic life insurance, short- and long-term disability, paid time-off, tuition assistance and retirement benefits.

Click on the survey title above to see the report overview for the surveys.

Who can order DataOnDemand?

DOD is available to all higher education institutions ONLY. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of salary data, we reserve the right to confirm the authorization to purchase DOD and to see employee salary data with your HR organization. Users must be authorized by their institution’s HR department to view the salary information.

If you are a consultant you cannot directly order DOD. You will need to ask the institution you are working for to place the order. For DOD orders, the institution must list you as one of the individuals to be given access. DOD access is limited to a maximum of two consultants.

How much does DOD cost?

DOD is purchased for each survey and the price is determined by whether you participated in the survey and on whether you are a CUPA-HR member or non-member. To view current pricing, go to our Surveys Pricing page.

How many people at my campus location can have access to DOD?

Up to six people at your campus location can have access to DOD. There is no charge for additional users. Each user receives his or her own confidential login to DOD. If you are the individual placing the order, please remember that each user will be able to see your institution's salary data (assuming you participated) unless you check on the order that they are NOT authorized to see that data.

When does DOD open and when does my subscription expire?

DOD opens each year in early February. Your subscription is active from the date of purchase until January 31 of the following year. For example, if you purchase DOD in June, your subscription will expire on January 31. If you purchase DOD on January 21, your subscription will expire 10 days later on January 31. The cost of a DOD subscription is not pro-rated.

What is the difference between a survey report and a survey DOD?

Each survey report provides an easy-to-read, national-level summary of the survey, including an executive summary, supporting data tables and a list of responding institutions. DOD is a hands-on application that gives institutions and specified users direct access to survey data. DOD gives users the ability to conduct your own analyses any time you want and as often as you want, using comparison groups that you create. Use of DOD is limited only by the five restrictions in place to protect confidentiality

Is DOD the complimentary product I receive as my member benefit?

No. DOD is never complimentary. It must be purchased for each survey for which you wish to generate custom reports. As a member of CUPA-HR, your institution receives the Administrators in Higher Education PDF report complimentary each year in February.

Is there a DOD user’s guide?

Yes. The user’s guide is located at this link:

What types of reports can I generate with DOD?

Administrators Reports:

  • Multi-Position Graphical Report
  • Multi-Position Report
  • Trend Report (Multi-Position)
  • Single Position Report
  • Aggregated Positions Report
  • Ordinal Rank Report
  • Multi-Position Demographic Report
  • Senior Administrators Prevailing Wage Report

Professionals Reports:

  • Multi-Position Graphical Report
  • Multi-Position Report
  • Trend Report (Multi-Position)
  • Single Position Report
  • Aggregated Positions Report
  • Ordinal Rank Report
  • Multi-Position Demographic Report
  • Multi-Position Years in Position Report
  • Professionals Prevailing Wage Report

Non-Exempt Reports:

  • Multi-Position Graphical Report
  • Multi-Position Report
  • Single Position Report
  • Ordinal Rank Report

4-Year Faculty Reports:

  • Multi-Discipline Report
  • Single Discipline Report
  • Department Head Report (requires separate DOD subscription)
  • Paid by the Course (requires separate DOD subscription)
  • Ordinal Rank Report
  • Rank Order of Disciplines by Salary within Faculty Rank
  • Aggregate Report
  • 2-Digit Index Report
  • 4-Digit Index Report
  • 6-Digit Multi-Discipline Report
  • Faculty Prevailing Wage Report

Two-Year Faculty Reports:

  • Two Year Faculty Salary Report

Healthcare Benefits in Higher Education Reports:

  • Healthcare Basics and Wellness Program Report
  • Impact of Affordable Care Act Report
  • Benefits PPO Plans Report
  • Benefits HMO/EPO Plans Report
  • Benefits POS Plans Report
  • Benefits HDHP Report
  • Stand-Alone Dental Plan Premiums and Deductibles

Employee Non-Health Benefits Reports:

  • Benefits Non-Health Care Basics Report
  • Benefits Life Insurance Report
  • Benefits Short & Long Term Disability Report
  • Benefits Paid Time Off Report
  • Benefits Tuition Report
  • Benefits Retirement Plans
What is the difference between weighted and unweighted data?

DataOnDemand reports provide both un-weighted and weighted salary data; un-weighted data is the default and weighted data is a user-selected option. Un-weighted data more precisely reflects what institutions are paying in that the average or median salary for a position is included only once for each participant school. Weighted data, in contrast, is more an indicator of what incumbents are earning in that the average or median salary for a position is included once for each incumbent, thereby giving more weight to salaries paid by institutions with large numbers of incumbents.

What are the Department of Justice (DOJ) Safe Harbor Guidelines?

To comply with DOJ Safe Harbor Guidelines the weighted data option provides salary data only for positions or faculty discipline ranks with 5 or more responding institutions and in which all responding institutions comprise 25.0% or less of the incumbents. If a position or discipline rank has at least 5 responding institutions but one institution represents more than 25% of the incumbents, salary data is not reported.