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Two-Year Faculty in Higher Education Report

The Faculty Salary Survey for Two-Year Community and Technical Colleges collects average salary data and years of service for full-time faculty by education level (Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, Master's Plus, and Ph.D.). The survey also collects salary data for paid-by-the-course faculty hired by institutions to teach specific courses and who are paid on a course-by-course basis. Respondents are asked to answer the following questions in the Faculty Paid-By-The-Course section:

  • Total number of faculty paid by-the-course; average salary, lowest salary, and highest salary per semester credit hour
  • Whether or not faculty are paid different rates based on education level
  • Whether faculty are paid a higher rate for selected types of degrees
  • Whether faculty are paid a higher rate for selected courses

Using the data provided, we will calculate and report the following information:

  • Average numbers of full-time and per-course faculty employed
  • Average years of service of full-time faculty
  • Average and median salary of full-time faculty, based on education level
  • Average and median compensation per credit hour of per-course faculty

2018 Survey Participation Integrated Template »
(includes instructions, upload template, and survey deadlines)

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2016 Two-Year Faculty in Higher Education Survey