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2017 Salary Surveys – Important Updates for Participating Institutions

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Our goal with this year’s changes is to provide data to help inform salary and FLSA-related decisions, as well as provide benchmarking data related to diversity and turnover rates. Learn more.

The salary effective date has changed this year due to the FLSA overtime regulations deadline. Other reporting dates have not changed.

  • Report annualized base salaries as of DECEMBER 1, 2016.
  • Report fall student enrollment as of your institution’s official fall reporting date or OCTOBER 15, 2016. If it is not possible to use this date, use a reporting date no earlier than September 15 and no later than November 1.
  • Report the number of faculty and number of staff on your institution’s payroll as of NOVEMBER 1, 2016.

All salary surveys – except the Two-Year Faculty Salary Survey – will collect data at the single incumbent level. Other changes:

DataOnDemand for the 2017 surveys will be available March 1, 2017, in order to ensure compliance with “safe harbor” rules.

How to Log in and Confirm Your Participation/Provide Data for Each Survey

1. Log in to Surveys Online, Our Data Collection Platform

After you’ve logged in:

  1. Select the Surveys tab
  2. Click the Surveys menu
  3. Click “Go” next to the survey for which you’ll provide data
  4. If you’ve not already done so, check the box for “My institution will complete this survey”
  5. Begin to collect and input your data using the Survey Participation Integrated Template (links provided above and also available in the Downloads section of Surveys Online).

2. Let Us Know That You Plan to Provide Data for Each Survey

When you let us know that you plan to provide data – step 4 above – we can send you instructions and reminders as we approach the deadline and alert you to any changes.

3. Collect and Input Your Data

Use these helpful resources to collect and provide data: