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Submit Your Data for CUPA-HR’s Salary Surveys: The Deadline Has Been Extended to February 1

We’re currently collecting data for CUPA-HR’s seven higher ed salary surveys. These surveys collect data on administrators, professionals, non-exempt staff, department heads and faculty. When you participate, you’ll receive a discount on survey results! Data collection ends February 1. read more ▸

Higher Ed Employees Sharing More of the Cost for Healthcare, According to Latest Benefits Survey From CUPA-HR

According to findings from CUPA-HR’s 2014 Employee Healthcare and Other Benefits in Higher Education Survey, 41 percent of respondents have increased the employee share of premium costs since the ACA went into effect. read more ▸

CUPA-HR Releases Salary Data on Hourly Workers in Higher Ed

Results for this survey reflect the salaries of 177,165 non-exempt staff in 118 positions at 807 public and private colleges and universities nationwide. read more ▸

Median Base Pay for Faculty at Two-Year Institutions Increased 2% in 2013-14

Data from CUPA-HR’s Faculty in Higher Education Salary Survey of Two-Year Community and Technical Colleges show that like their counterparts in four-year institutions, faculty members at two-year colleges also saw their salaries rise in 2013-14. read more ▸

Salaries of Professionals in Higher Ed Increased 2.1% in 2013-14

Data from CUPA-HR’s 2013-14 Professionals in Higher Education Salary Survey show that salaries of higher ed professionals increased just slightly from the year prior. However, for the first time in several years, the overall increase was the same at both private and public institutions (in years past, salary increases at privates have typically outpaced those at publics). read more ▸

Median Base Salaries for Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Increased 2.1 Percent in 2013-14

Data from CUPA-HR’s 2013-14 Faculty in Higher Education Salary Survey by Discipline, Rank and Tenure Status in Four-Year Colleges and Universities show that faculty salaries increased in 2013-14 at the same rate as 2012-13. However, for the first time in four years, increases were greater at public institutions (2.2%) than at private institutions (2.0%). read more ▸

Public Institutions Outpaced Privates Last Year in Salary Increases for Senior Leaders

In 2013, for the first time in several years, senior leaders at public institutions saw a more substantial salary increase than their peers at private institutions. Data from CUPA-HR’s 2013-14 Administrators in Higher Education Salary Survey show a median base salary increase of 2.5% for those in senior-level positions at public institutions, compared to a 2.3% increase for those in the same positions at private institutions. read more ▸

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