About Research

The CUPA-HR Research Team

Jacqueline Bichsel
Director of Research

Maria Calcagno
Senior Research Manager

Suzi Bowen
Research Operations Manager

CUPA-HR Research collects, analyzes and reports on compensation and benefits information for higher education administrators, professionals, faculty and other staff. We take every step to ensure that our data and analysis meet the highest standards of reliability, validity and confidentiality.

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New! Research Snapshots

Research Snapshots feature data heroes and institutions that use DataOnDemand to benchmark and address strategic questions.

Coming Soon in 2016

Compensation Evaluation Service

In an effort to help governing boards determine appropriate compensation for their top institutional leaders, CUPA-HR has partnered with AGB Search to provide select data for AGB Search's Compensation Evaluation Service.

  • New research on gender and ethnic diversity in higher education
  • Enhancements to salary surveys

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