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The CUPA-HR Research Team

Jacqueline Bichsel
Director of Research

Maria Calcagno
Senior Research Manager

Suzi Bowen
Research Operations Manager

CUPA-HR Research collects, analyzes and reports on compensation and benefits information for higher education administrators, professionals, faculty and other staff. We take every step to ensure that our data and analysis meet the highest standards of reliability, validity and confidentiality.

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Research Snapshots feature data heroes and institutions that use DataOnDemand to benchmark and address strategic questions.

New in 2017

  • Incumbent-Level Reporting
    • Incumbent level reporting is a positive addition that will make the data more accurate, and will allow for better comparisons for those who use DataOnDemand.
    • The change reflects CUPA-HR’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion by generating more information on ethnicity, age, gender, years of service and other data points.
    • The data collected can be used to help inform employee satisfaction conversations related to employees in various demographic categories.
    • Although this information is important for CUPA-HR to collect, it will not be a required section of the survey.
  • Turnover Rates
    • Turnover rates are being collected in 2017 to help institutions make valuable comparisons among peer or aspirant institution groups.
  • 2017 survey participants will have a more integrated experience for accessing instructions, descriptions and information on uploading rather than inputting your data.

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