About Research

The CUPA-HR Research Team

Jacqueline Bichsel
Director of Research

Suzi Bowen
Research Operations Manager

Jasper McChesney
Data Visualization Researcher

CUPA-HR Research creates and delivers workforce research, analysis and reporting resources that are the benchmark for higher education. Our salary and benefits surveys collect the most comprehensive data available for higher ed administrators, professionals, faculty, and other staff. We take every step to ensure that our data, analysis, and reporting meet the highest standards of reliability, validity, and confidentiality.

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New! Research Briefs

Research briefs feature deep-dive analyses of our data, covering longitudinal trends and timely topics.

New! More Comprehensive Data than Ever

Compensation Evaluation Service

In an effort to help governing boards determine appropriate compensation for their top institutional leaders, CUPA-HR has partnered with AGB Search to provide select data for AGB Search's Compensation Evaluation Service.

  • HR Benchmarking
    • New data collected allow us to report on turnover rates, staff/faculty/student ratios, collective bargaining, and more. Summary statistics are available on our HR Benchmarking site. The new HR Benchmarking Report in DataOnDemand provides these statistics for any comparison group you choose and is available with any DOD subscription.
  • Exempt Status
  • Demographic Variables
    • We now collect data on gender, race/ethnicity, age, and years in position/rank for all positions: administrators, professionals, staff, and faculty.
    • Demographic profiles and summary statistics for each aspect of the higher ed workforce are provided in the annual reports for each of our salary surveys. New demographic reports in DataOnDemand allow you to compare diversity and compensation information using custom comparison groups. These resources allow you to see how salaries compare within and across positions/disciplines, as well as how salaries compare based on ethnicity, age, gender, and years in position/rank, helping you make more inclusive decisions on staff and faculty compensation and recruitment.
  • Faculty Department Heads and Per-Course Faculty