Cracking the Wall

Cracking the Wall 20 Years Later: Women in Higher Education Leadership

Edited by Patricia Turner Mitchell, Ph.D.
2013, Paperback

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In 1993, CUPA-HR published Cracking the Wall: Women in Higher Education Administration, a series of essays by 14 women leaders in academia that provided insights and strategies for climbing the career ladder in higher education. How much progress have women made in 20 years?

In Cracking the Wall 20 Years Later: Women in Higher Education Leadership, many of the same authors have updated their original chapters with from the perspective of their own career paths and experience as transformational leaders. And other voices have joined them.

While much has changed in two decades, much has remained the same. This book serves as both a celebration of the progress made and a call to action as women seek to transform their careers in higher education.


Chapter 1

Women College Presidents: Leading With Authenticity, by Cathy Corcoran

Chapter 2

Women and Leadership: Anecdotes and Observations Revisited 2012, by Carol C. Harter

Chapter 3

Empowerment: The Politics of Freedom, by Jean Treiman

Chapter 4

Barriers to Women’s Advancement Into Higher Education Administration in the 21st Century, by Deborah Sims LeBlanc

Chapter 5

Progress Toward Redesigning the Ivory Tower for Women (and Men) in Multiple Roles, by Bonnie Jones

Chapter 6

The Leadership Challenge: Strategies for Reaching the Top and Staying There, by Anita Harrow

Chapter 7

Women and Mentoring in Higher Education, by Fay L. Bower

Chapter 8

The Audacity of Adaptive Capacity, by Melvinia Turner King

Chapter 9

African-American Women in Academe: Workplace Realities and the Negotiated Academic Career Planning Process, by Betty Taylor

Chapter 10

Women Administrators’ Emerging Personal and Professional Concerns, by Lindalee Ausejo

Chapter 11

Female Academic Mentors Needed on Campus, by Giselle Parry

Chapter 12

Transformational Leadership: The Journey and Detours for Women in Leadership, by Patricia Turner Mitchell and Silvia Ramirez

Chapter 13

Leading to Transgress: African-American Women Leaders in Predominantly White Institutions of Higher Learning, by Regina Stanback Stroud

Chapter 14

Faculty of Color Needed in Nursing Leadership: Voices From Two Nursing Academes, by Angela Banks and Anna Y. Kwong

Chapter 15

Women in Leadership: Embracing the Emergent Female Global Leaders of Tomorrow, by Tanesha Pittman


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