How It Works

CUPA-HR membership is primarily post-secondary institution-based. Institutional and International Institution Members have a membership contact, who serves as the point person for CUPA-HR, as well as an unlimited number of representatives designated by the membership contact.

Organizations and companies that are not post-secondary institutions can also join CUPA-HR as Corporate or Affiliate Members.

Individuals can join CUPA-HR as a Retiree, Student or Transitional Member. Individuals who do not fit these three categories can join only as representatives of the organization-based categories listed above.

To find the membership that makes sense for you, choose the question that best describes you or your organization:

Are You With a Higher Education Institution?

Any college or university can become a member of CUPA-HR, giving an unlimited number of its employees access to CUPA-HR’s membership benefits, at no additional charge. Dues for U.S. institutions are calculated on the institution’s budget.

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Are You With an Organization Other Than an Institution?

Organizations such as those that provide services or products to HR professionals; K-12 schools; museums and professional associations are always invited to join CUPA-HR. Membership types and benefits may vary for these companies depending on the goals or reasons for membership.

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Are You an Individual Not Associated With an Institution or Company?

Individuals who are not eligible to join under the above categories can also join. Whether you’re retired from the profession, a student, or between jobs, you’re welcome in the association.

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