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Icon 401(k) Resource Guide - Plan Participants - Summary Plan Description - IRS

Icon 409A Deferred Compensation Election Forms

Icon 457 Salary Deferral

Icon A Compilation of 200 Climate Survey Questions

Icon ACA Model Notice for Employers That Do Not Offer Group Health Coverage

Icon ACA Model Notice for Employers That Offer Group Health Coverage

Icon Academic Employee Relations Forms

Icon Academic Freedom Complaint Form

Icon ADA Accommodation Request (Medical Inquiry Form)

Icon Applicant Screening Matrix Forms

Icon Application Forms (Faculty)

Icon Automatic Enrollment and Default Investment Notice (IRS)

Icon Background and Fingerprint Requirement Tool

Icon Background Check Forms

Icon Background Check Forms(1)

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Icon Benefits Letters (Change in Appointment)

Icon Candidate Evaluation Forms

Icon Candidate Evaluation Form

Icon CHIP Notice Template

Icon COBRA Notices

Icon Common Law Marriage - Affidavit Form

Icon Compensation Programs Forms

Icon Complaint and Appeal Forms and Templates

Icon Confidentiality Agreement Form

Icon Contract Forms (Faculty)

Icon Councils/Committees Forms and Templates

Icon Crisis Management Forms and Templates

Icon Daily Activities Log - Desk Audit

Icon Dashboards RFPs/SPDs

Icon Defined Contribution RFPs/SPDs

Icon Department of Justice Complaint of Discrimination Form

Icon Disabilities Self-Identification Forms

Icon Discipline and Dismissal Forms/Templates

Icon Discrimination Complaint Forms

Icon Dismissal Due to Cessation of FMLA Benefits

Icon Dismissal/Separation Letters

Icon Domestic Partners Benefits Application Forms

Icon Domestic Partnership Affidavit Form

Icon Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations Compliance Checklist Form - Dept of Education/Higher Education Center

Icon EEO Posters

Icon Employee Awards and Recognition Forms

Icon Employee Engagement Forms

Icon Employee Learning Plan Form

Icon Employee Leaves Forms

Icon Employee Relations Letters

Icon Employment Application Forms

Icon Employment Contracts (President)

Icon ERISA Forms and Templates

Icon ERISA Forms and Templates(1)

Icon ERISA Forms/Templates

Icon Ethics Forms and Templates

Icon Executive Compensation Form 990

Icon Executive Compensation RFPs/SPDs

Icon Exit Interview Forms

Icon Exit Interview Forms/Templates

Icon Faculty Categories Forms and Templates

Icon Faculty Contract Forms

Icon Flextime Form

Icon FLSA Forms/Templates


Icon FMLA Forms

Icon FMLA Letters

Icon FMLA Rights Notification

Icon Form 5500 - ERISA Reporting

Icon Gender Identify in the Workplace - Forms/Templates

Icon GINA Forms and Templates

Icon Handbook Receipt Form (Employee)

Icon Health Insurance RFPs/SPDs

Icon HIPAA Forms

Icon HIPAA Templates

Icon Hiring Checklist Forms

Icon Hiring Nonresident Aliens

Icon HR Audit Forms

Icon HR Audits RFPs/SPDs

Icon HR Forms

Icon HR Organizational Design Templates

Icon HR Risk Management Forms/Templates

Icon HR Transformation RFPs/SPDs

Icon I-9 Form

Icon I-9 Notary Form to Process

Icon Immigration Forms -USCIS

Icon Immigration: Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status (Form I-693)

Icon Independent Contractor Forms

Icon Individual Development Plan Template

Icon Interview Checklist

Icon Investigations Forms

Icon IRS Tax Fraud Notice

Icon Job Analysis Questionnaire

Icon Job Classification/Evaluation Forms

Icon Job Classification/Evaluation RFPs/SPDs

Icon Justification for New Hire Form

Icon Last Chance Agreements

Icon Layoff/Furlough Forms

Icon Leave Forms (Community Service)

Icon Leave Request Forms (Sabbatical)

Icon Leave: Military Leave Forms

Icon Leave: Request Forms (Release Time)

Icon Letter of Reasonable Assurance of Re-Employment

Icon Letters of Reasonable Assurance

Icon Letters to Employees

Icon LGBT Benefits Brochure

Icon Management Training Templates and Tools

Icon Mediation Forms

Icon Medicare Part D Model Notice Letters

Icon Mentoring Forms/Templates

Icon Mentoring Program Application

Icon Multiple or Joint Employment Forms and Templates

Icon Multiple/Joint Appointment Form (Faculty)

Icon New Labor Condition Application (Form ETA 9035) witih Instructions

Icon NLRB Employee Notification Form

Icon NLRB Employee Rights Poster (not in effect)

Icon Non-Compete Agreements

Icon Non-Insurance Benefits RFPs/SPDs

Icon Offer Letters

Icon On-boarding Checklist Forms

Icon Orientation Checklist Forms

Icon OSHA Forms/Templates

Icon OSHA’s Hazard Exposure and Risk Assessment Matrix for Hurricane Response and Recovery Work

Icon Other Insurance Program RFPs/SPDs

Icon Overpayment of Employee Forms/Templates

Icon Payroll and Taxes RFPs/SPDs

Icon Payroll Deduction Authorization Forms

Icon Performance Evaluation Form

Icon Performance Evaluation Forms (CEO--President/Chancellor)

Icon Performance Evaluation Forms (Faculty)

Icon Performance Management Form (Coaching)

Icon Performance Management Forms

Icon Performance Self-Assessment Forms

Icon Periodic Pension Benefits Statements - Pension Protection Act - Field Assistance Bulletin No. 2006-03

Icon Permanent Residence Card Replacement Application (Green Card)

Icon Personnel Action Forms

Icon Position Description Questionnaires

Icon Postdoc Appointment Letter

Icon Pregnancy Discrimination Forms and Templates

Icon Probation Forms and Templates

Icon Public Records Exemption Forms

Icon Reasonable Accommodation Request Forms

Icon Recording Keeping RFPs/SPDs

Icon Recruitment Forms and Templates

Icon Reference Check Forms

Icon Reference Check Forms(1)

Icon Reference Checking Consent and Authorization Form

Icon Religious Discrimination Policies

Icon Required Notices to Employees

Icon Retiree Health Insurance Forms

Icon Retirement General Overview RFPs/SPDs

Icon Retirement Planning Forms

Icon Return to Work Certification Forms

Icon RFP for Behavioral Threat Assessment Program Development

Icon RFP For Performance Management

Icon RFP for Relocation Services

Icon Sample Letter Request for Social Security Card

Icon Sample Notice Cobra With Marketplace Health Exchange

Icon Sample Notice Marketplace Health Care Exchange

Icon Sample Syllabus

Icon Screening/Selection Committee Agreements

Icon Screening/Selection Committees RFPs/SPDs

Icon Sec. 503 Self-Identification Form

Icon Self-Identification Forms

Icon Separation Checklist Form

Icon SPD - Santa Clara University (Defined Contribution Plan)

Icon SPD - University of Miami (Health)

Icon Strategic Planning Forms

Icon Student Worker Forms

Icon Succession Planning Forms

Icon Telecommuting Agreement

Icon Telephone Reference Check Forms

Icon Telephone Reference Check Forms(1)

Icon Title IX Discrimination Complaint Form

Icon Title IX Posters

Icon Title IX Sample Memo of Understanding Between Police and the Campus

Icon Total Compensation Letter Example #1

Icon Total Compensation Letter Example #2

Icon Total Compensation RFPs/SPDs

Icon Tuition Assistance Forms

Icon Unions Forms and Templates

Icon Various PTO Forms

Icon Veterans Preference Application Forms

Icon Volunteer Coach Liability Release Forms

Icon Wellness Program Participation Request Forms

Icon Wellness Programs Forms and Templates

Icon WH-4, H-1B Nonimmigrant Information Form

Icon Whistleblower Forms/Templates

Icon Workers Compensation/Incident Report Forms