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Just the Facts: Key Court Decisions of 2014 (Group)

Now in individual and group-learning formats, review the facts of recent labor and employment law cases and learn how to translate the outcomes into practical action that can help your institution avoid similar situations.

This course is ideal for HR professionals and others on campus who manage labor and employment issues. It will help you think through, talk about and respond to existing or potential legal issues on campus.

You’ll get the facts of the case from CUPA-HR General Counsel Ira Shepard, who is an employment and labor law expert as well as a highly-rated CUPA-HR conference speaker. You’ll then work through guided questions to consider how a similar situation might impact your own institution before judging the outcome for yourself. Shepard will then provide the outcome of the case before you consider how your institution can avoid a similar situation.

This course was developed in conjunction with the association’s learning framework, which guides all CUPA-HR education and programming.

Laws and Cases From the Course

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    • EEOC v. Ford Motor Co.
    • Hwang v. Kansas State University
    • Summers v. Altarum Institute
  • First Amendment
    • Lane v. Franks
    • Matusick v. Erie County Water Authority
  • Harassment Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    • Adams v. Austal, USA
    • Briggs v. University of Detroit-Mercy
    • Wilson v. Cook County
    • Battle v. D.C.
  • Due Process Under the Fourteenth Amendment
    • Keating v. University of South Dakota

Facilitator-Led Group Learning — Just the Facts: Key Course Decisions of 2014

When you register for the facilitator-led group learning option for this course, you’ll serve as the facilitator for colleagues at your institution in an in-person setting using one screen and interactive group discussion. Using the provided facilitator’s guide, You’ll lead the group through approximately two hours of on-screen content and recorded narration, and guide the group through additional activities, discussion and the completion of a PDF course guide that will deepen the learning experience for each user. The course length will vary depending on the amount of pre-facilitation work you need to do, the size of your group and its knowledge of the topics.


$99 for CUPA-HR Members and Nonmembers

This price provides 45-day access for one facilitator to the learning module, guided learning activities, facilitator guide and glossary of legal terms. The course is two hours long but average course completion times will vary depending on group size and depth of discussion. There is no limit to the number of learners who can participate in the facilitator-led group learning event.


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This course is not intended to provide legal or any other advice. Participants should consult with legal counsel before taking any actions.

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