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CUPA-HR national committees play an important and integral role in ensuring that we have a focused and intentional approach in the execution of our strategic priorities. The Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Committee is one of several standing committees established by the National Board that are aligned with the Association’s strategic priorities. The Committee provides review and oversight of the diversity, equity and inclusion goals in the Strategic Action Plan; monitors and assesses plan progress, and is responsible for execution of defined action items each year. The Committee also ensures that national office staff and volunteer leader responsibilities are clear and recommends updates to the plan to ensure that CUPA-HR’s commitment is sustained.

What is the multi-year focus of the DE&I Committee?

The long-range goals for the DE&I Committee are focused on these foundational values:

  1. Ensuring our association reflects our DE&I values through a diverse representation of individual members and institutions within all leadership/membership levels of CUPA-HR.
  2. Promoting our values through our demonstrated commitment to engage our members in actions that help them to broaden the perception of the value of DE&I and its importance in achieving institutional excellence.
  3. Leveraging our diverse resources to maximize the service and program support we provide to our membership and to highlight DE&I as an essential element of HR professionalism and institutional excellence.
  4. Implementing methods for assessment and measurement of the outcomes of our DE&I initiatives and practices.
  5. Developing shared responsibility for building individual and institutional capacity, commitment, and engagement in:
    1. shaping supportive and inclusive learning environments that advance organizational effectiveness and success;
    2. establishing collaborative partnerships with other higher education associations, our corporate partners and other external organizations.
  6. Promoting efforts to ensure that future higher education HR professionals are provided opportunities to build the competence to enact and champion DE&I efforts effectively at their institutions.

Would you like to know more? Visit the Diversity in Higher Education section of the CUPA-HR website to see our accomplishments and learn about our work in progress.

Do you have something that you have worked on that you would like to share? We’d love to hear from you. E-mail your thoughts, questions or information that you’d like to share about Diversity and Inclusion on your campus, to

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